All parts are built with the same advanced technology typically used in the aerospace industry. The components are made in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers) composites which offer a myriad of advantages.

Our Compass.Green in-house development team of American architects and engineers have implemented the amazing technology of Green Magic Homes to create some beautiful and sophisticated models with natural, bright atmospheres that fulfill all the unique requirements of traditional North American living. Our models feature:

  • Highly resistant layup materials that comply with  even the most stringent US construction codes.
  • Commercial grade window configurations options that comply with standard sizes offered by US manufacturers.
  • Berming materials and specifications relevant to the 11 North American climate zones.
  • HVAC specifications that implement the latest and most advanced energy saving technology.
  • Efficient and long lasting insulation materials for even greater energy efficiency.
  • Advanced waterproofing protocols that maintain their integrity and keep the water out even under the harshest conditions.
  • Implementation of advanced Bio Based environmentally friendly resins.
  • Optional integration with smart technologies.


that provides a revolutionary new way to live in total integration with nature, reducing your carbon footprint by providing savings up to 80% on yearly heating and cooling costs compared to regular housing.