Yellowstone – 2020 sq. ft.

3 Bedroom Unit,  2020 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $106,600

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most well known national parks in the world. It has a diverse eco-system with unique flora and fauna, but its most popular feature is the geyser, Old Faithful, where you can witness the force of nature firsthand.

When we approached our Yellowstone home, we wanted this three-bedroom home to reflect the diversity and amazement of the park. We combined eco-friendly materials, native plants for coverings, and big, open windows to give you the best views.

We also wanted this house to be a protective shelter against the forces of nature. That’s why we built this structure with flexible and strong materials and included window packages based on your climate, a water filtration system, and air quality monitoring. But, just because you’re being eco-friendly, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your lifestyle. Enjoy interactive LED lighting, smarthome integration, and enough room for everyone.

Bring your family home to a house that has its own unique ecosystem. Designed to be stylish and safe, you can depend on this home to make living easy while protecting the most important things in life.

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