Terranova (Hotel Rm) – 370 sq. ft.

1 Bedroom Hotel Room,  370 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $24,900

A beautiful coastline, rolling hills, and a rugged terrain, Terra Nova National Park is a Canadian treasure. With thriving trees and sheltering caves, it provides protection to nature’s most vulnerable creatures in an ecosystem that stands alone.

Our Terra Nova bungalow was also created to provide protection, not to wildlife but for visitors to your eco-resort. At 370 square feet, it gives your guests a natural escape that’s perfect for an exciting getaway.

This model is built with eco-friendly green resins that incorporate recycled materials, so your guests can feel good about staying with you. The windows are designed specifically for your climate, and with an entrance porch, an upscale interior design, and smarthome integration, your guests will want for nothing.

If you’re interested in eco-tourism and want to build your own eco-village, find out more about the Terra Nova bungalow. It can be built on its own, or as a series of accommodations so you can build an eco-resort you’re proud of and your guests will enjoy.

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