Sequoia – 2408 sq. ft.

4 Bedroom Unit,  2408 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $148,000
Huge trees, massive caves, and plentiful wildlife, Sequoia National Park is the epitome of nature’s bounty. This spectacular park is filled with breathtaking marvels like the Crystal Caves, Giant Sherman, the largest tree on Earth, and The Giant Forest.

As we approached our Sequoia house, we wanted to dream as big as Sequoia National Park. This four-bedroom home has room for everyone. It features modern innovations like advanced water, air and lightning technologies, and is built using renewable materials. Just like the park, it gives more than it takes and can be the perfect home for local wildlife, like you and your family.

This home provides everything you need to live a strong and healthy life without making a negative impact on the world around you. Experience natural illumination, abundant vegetation, and a central courtyard where you and your family can live in peace with the world.

If you want to live as large as the giant sequoia, this eco-friendly house will give you all the room you need without hurting our delicate ecosystem.

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