Rainier – 255 sq. ft.

Studio Unit, 255 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $24,000

Mount Rainier National Park rises about its surroundings. With majestic waterfalls, lush meadows, a network of glaciers, and, of course, the volcanic Mount Rainier, this is a place of rebirth. Where you can see nature in its rawest form and experience the magic of the simple things.

As we designed our Rainier Studio, our thoughts were drawn to the amazing natural features in this park and created this tiny home to bring the simplicity of the outdoors indoors. With 225 square feet to call your own, this space makes it easy to coexist with the Earth — you just need to open your door to let the world in.

Like Mount Rainier itself, this home is energy efficient, full of life, and has explosive potential. It a place that’s easy to clean, easy to own, and makes it easy to live.

Start living the way man was meant to – in harmony with nature. If your spirit craves the great outdoors and the wonders of the wild, find out how this tiny home could change your life.

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