Jasper – 370 sq. ft.

Studio Unit – Shell Price – $28,000.

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Clean, bright, and seemingly endless, Jasper National Park is the ultimate escape. As the largest national park in Canada, there’s no other place to get away from it all. This breathtaking park has a thriving ecosystem that’s lush with life. And with a plethora of outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, and camping, it’s a place where man and nature can get back in sync.

When we planned our Jasper Studio, we remembered the sense of freedom Jasper National Park exudes and reflected it in our blueprints. This tiny house is designed to give you ultimate freedom so you can live as one with nature.

Unlike bigger houses, Jasper doesn’t waste energy or harm the ecosystem around it. Instead, it exists with its surroundings, relying on natural light and a smart design to protect it from the elements year-round.

This home also makes it easy to free yourself from the unnecessary baggage you’ve been holding onto. With 370 square feet, there’s no room for clutter. It’s also easy to maintain without interfering with the natural world. With eco-conscious solutions, this home leaves a small footprint and makes a huge impression.

Discover how free you can be with a more natural existence, and learn how Jasper delivers smarter solutions to your everyday problems.

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