Gannet – 635 sq. ft.

1 Bedroom Unit, 635 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $46,000

The apex of the Central Rocky Mountains, Gannett Peak is one of the most difficult high points to reach in the mountain chain. A mountaineers’ dream, this is a place that takes a special person to love. Someone who loves adventure and living in a more natural environment.

This same type of person is ideal for our Gannett home. This one-bedroom model keeps living affordable and is unlike any other house on your block. We designed it for the person who wants to live differently and get back to a more natural existence.

This space delivers a great view of the outdoors from every room, with large windows that bring in light and provides protection from the elements. We’ve used eco-conscious materials to create our dome-shaped home, and included all of the modern conveniences you could ever ask for.

In you’re craving big skies and fresh air, discover the Gannet green home. This affordable model is the perfect place for someone who wants to live their life like it’s one big adventure and experience the world on their own terms.

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