Everglades – 225 sq. ft.

Studio Unit, 225 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $19,000

The Everglades National Park is unlike any other place on Earth. Filled with breathtaking scenery, wide-opened spaces, and endangered wildlife, this “River of Grass” is an unparalleled international treasure.

When we created our Everglades Studio, we took our inspiration from the beauty and wonder of this one of a kind environment. Experience bright, natural lighting, a balanced climate, and lush vegetation each and every day.

This transformative studio becomes part of the natural world with an organic design that’s simplistically elegant. It includes all of the comforts of modern living you’ve come to expect from your home while allowing you to peacefully coexist with nature and minimize your impact on the world around you.

Reclaim your relationship with the land in this sustainable, eco-friendly home and get back to your roots while enjoying the joys of a more natural existence.

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