Double Terranova (Hotel Rm) – 799 sq. ft.

Double Suite Hotel Room,  799 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $49,900

Terra Nova National Park is a dramatic and distinctive part of the world. With wildlife like moose and black bears coexisting along with native Archaic and Paleo-Eskimo peoples, this seemingly uninhabitable environment is a thriving ecosystem that provides nourishment and protection to all of its residents.

Like Terra Nova National Park, our Double Terra Nova Suite is perfectly suited to protect your guests in luxury and style. With a beautiful design, this bungalow is built with eco-friendly materials and has enough room for multiple guests.

By using Leed Certified materials, air quality monitoring, wellness living options, and natural climate control, this model will keep your guests comfortable while letting them experience the abundance of nature. And with energy efficient features, this bungalow uses about one-third the energy of a comparable hotel room.

When you’re building an eco-resort, finding options that work with your vision and make the smallest impact on the environment can be challenging. With the Double Terra Nova, you can rest assured that you’ve invested in a responsible option that will keep your guests happy and will limit their impact on the world around us.

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