Biscayne – 1400 sq. ft.

2 Bedroom Unit, 1400 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $84,500

With coral reefs, a mangrove forest, and underwater shipwrecks, Biscayne Natural Park is worlds away from the city yet is visible from downtown Miami. This natural wonderland is popular with vacationers and boaters, and hosts a unique ecosystem that supports the local plant and animal life, including dolphins, turtles, and reefs.

As with all of our designs, we wanted to reflect the amazing features and incredible energy from our namesake park. We explored the wonders of Biscayne and brought them indoors. Like the park, this home is built to support a thriving ecosystem. With intelligent energy management, high efficiency windows, and a green roof, this two-bedroom home provides a safe, secure, and stylish environment to call your own.

Our Biscayne model is the perfect starter home. Covered entirely with lush vegetation, and built with upscale interiors, and eco-friendly materials, this is the perfect place to begin living a more natural existence.

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