Acadia – 2500 sq. ft.

4 Bedroom Unit,  2500 sq. ft.

Shell Price – $150,000
Bountiful wildlife and beautiful landscapes are only part of what Acadia National Park one of the most visited in the world. This popular destination is a world of its own with crashing waves, hiking trails, and miles of carriage roads.

Our Acadia home was inspired by the awesome flexibility of this amazing park. Despite the season, there’s always room for visitors, and the flora and fauna continue to thrive. In this four-bedroom home, we made sure there’s room for everyone. And with our central courtyard, you can interact with nature and make a positive impact on fertile land around you.

Acadia was built to be one with nature. It’s constructed with environmentally responsible materials, yet is strong enough to protect the people you cherish most. This house also includes the modern amenities you need plus high-efficiency windows to provide heating and cooling savings, an intelligent fire-monitoring system, an advanced water filtration system and more smart solutions.

Throughout history, man and nature have lived and grown together, but as we progressed as a society, we lost our way. Restore balance to your life and help your family experience how much we can gain by going back to living in close contact with nature.

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