Our Story

In 2016 a team with over 25 years combined experience in real estate development created Compass Green was created to develop and market innovative technologies that can significantly transform the way we live. Our first line of housing products uses GMH’s prefabricated modular building system, with earth-bermed structural components made in Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP), which are specifically designed to fit together to provide infinite design possibilities. The finished homes are technologically advanced, energy efficient, and make extensive use of local, renewable materials.

Management Team

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Andrew Broeren is the co-founder & CEO of Compass Green LLC. Andrew is also the CEO of Knightsbridge Capital Ventures, an investment vehicle in companies involved in design, renovation, construction, and technology for commercial and residential properties. He has acquired, renovated and sold approximately 450 homes in several US states from high yield investments to luxury residential developments. Prior to moving to the USA in 2008, Andrew he was a Managing Director of a property investment company in London dedicated to acquisitions, sales and leasing of large developments involving hundreds of residential units. He was also previously the Head of Structured Finance for Southern Europe at HSBC Bank covering origination, structuring and deal execution for all structured asset classes in that region. From his time Standard & Poor’s, Andrew gained extensive experience in credit analysis, property valuation and risk assessment.

Andrew previously practiced Corporate & Insolvency Law, having received degrees in both Law and Economics from Monash University, and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment from The Securities Institute of Australia.



“We are very excited about this next step of our evolution to bring a long-standing dream to reality. We will soon be creating these beautiful homes in communities of the future for people from all walks of life to be reconnected to nature.”

Gustavo Santander, Architect / Inventor / Founder of Green Magic Homes.