In our modern age, protection from storms and high winds has come in the form of shutters, hurricane-proof glass, and strict building codes. While these advancements have helped, why did we move away from nature’s perfect design?

When we created our hurricane and wind resistant homes, we decided to go back to basics – the timeless dome. By drawing our inspiration from natural structures and combining that with modern engineering and state-of-the-art building technology, we’ve produced quality storm-resistant building components that are ideal for coastal regions and tornado-prone areas.

We started with the classic dome-shape, angled at 55 degrees so that the sides deflect wind, reduce lift, and disperse the energy of the wind throughout the structure. This shape also prevents wind from building enough pressure to cause a structural failure. We then added stainless steel galvanized fasteners and couplings that resist corrosion so that your home will maintain its integrity.

Along with these engineering advancements, we’ve also incorporated commercial grade reinforced windows with impact glass to prevent wind and water from entering your home. With 7,000 pounds of weight per every six feet of wall, this bermed structure is energy efficient and secure. And with a roof system and walls that are anchored to the slab with a mesh of aircraft grade steel cable to maintain structural stability and to transfer shear forces, there’s no safer place to be in foul weather.

When a hurricane strikes, making sure your family is protected is your number one priority. The best way to do this is to prepare ahead of time. With our hurricane and wind resistant homes, you can once again coexist with nature and remain confident that you and your family will always have a safe place to weather any storm.