Since the beginning of time humans lived inherently connected to the land.

For most people nature was the main source of life, nourishment, and shelter; and this relationship faded with the growth of large urban centers. Many are once again realizing that fulfillment comes with a balance derived from restoring that connection to nature. We are a team of architects, entrepreneurs and designers that have set on a mission to empower that process through technology. Our green homes are revolutionary technological renditions of primeval structures that enable people to coexist with nature in new ways.


– Ample and bright spaces
– High efficiency & energy saving construction
– Design integrated into lush vegetation
– Earth bermed structure to maintain balanced temperature
– Eco-friendly manufacturing and construction
– Reduced exposure to environment to lessen heat and noise
– Modularity allows personalized layouts and future expansion of the construction


– Water filtration systems to reduce toxins
– Solar water and home heating
– Interactive led lighting throughout the unit
– Monitoring and management of energy consumption
– Smarthome system integration to control temperature, lighting, ventilation, and security
– Locally sourced materials and finishes
– Manufactured in the USA


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Learn more about our cutting-edge modular earth-bermed homes that provide a revolutionary new way to live in total integration with nature.

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