Construction Quicker & Easier

Compass Green is designing ways to make your construction process not only quicker, but easier to assemble by delivering most of the required materials direct to the build site. This will reduce critical time in sourcing material and ensure that when we receive an order for a particular modell, we can coordinate the delivery timing of all the following materials required to build your Compass Green home:

  • Foundation insulating membrane
  • Waterproofing System materials
  • Window and Frame system – single and double glazed options
  • HVAC systems for each design complete with plans and assembly instructions
  • Geo-webbing, drainage and vegetation prepartions materials
  • Kitchen options
  • Appliance options
  • Other smart technology and eco friendly products

Building Time & Process

We can provide an estimation of the cost of your fully completed Compass Green Home (see http://PRICING PAGE ) but the final cost will come from your builder. We are happy to work with you and your builder throughout the planning process to refine the budget as needed and help you stay on track. The timeline below is an estimation of construction time for a $1000 sq ft home built on an accessible site, so will vary depending on size and site conditions. We have assumed i) permits have been granted, ii) all the materials have been ordered on time, iii) contractors are engaged and scheduled in a timely manner, iv) building inspections do not cause delays, and v) there are not other extraneous factors outside the control of the contractor (e.g. weather).

The building time & process for Compass Green Home’s are much faster and easier than traditional construction!

Project begins!WEEK 1

Permitting & site preparation

Compass Green will provide foundation and construction drawings for each design. We also provide technical analysis to support building code and permitting requirements. Once permits are granted, the site is cleared, graded if necessary and ready for foundation work to begin.


Foundation, Plumbing & Radiant Floor Heating

Prior to the concrete slab being poured, the foundation form is constructed, plumbing installed, waterproofing & insulating membrane laid out, rebar support added and finally the radiant floor heating pipes installed. The concrete is then ready to be poured and smoothed with trowels.


Shell Assembly

The shell assembly is a very quick process. Compass Green will provide a detailed assembly manual for each of its designs to show the order for assembly for each component. Assembly can be as quick as 1-7 days depending on the size of the house.



A perforated drain pipe is installed around the perimeter of the foundation to ensure any excess water is kept away from the foundation.


Waterproofing System application

Once the shell is assembled, Compass Green has a prescribed waterproofing methodology using the latest membrane system materials. This methodology ensures that the shell is completely sealed structure from the foundation to the shell footing, the FRP and the flange joints.


Internal Wall Framing, Window & Door Frame Installation

Internal Walls can beWindow frames and exterior door frames are now installed and connected to the shell.


Electrical & HVAC

Electrical boxes and wiring are installed into the shell together with our ductless HVAC system.    


Spray Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is sprayed on the back of the shell.


Sandbags & Earth

The structure is fully covered with high density plastic wrap to reinforce the waterproofing and help protect the FRP from plant / grass roots. Sand bags are carefully placed around the perimeter of the shell and foundation and then infilled with dirt at each level.


Windows & Doors

Windows & doors can now be installed and the interior can be secured.

Week 8-11

Interior Wall Completion, Kitchen & Bathrooms

Dry-wall can now be installed, together with kitchen cabinets and bathroom amenities.

Week 9

Geo-webbing & Vegetation preparation

Geo-webbing installed, soil added and coconut fiber laid over webbing to stabalize soil and plants.

WEEK 10-12

Interior Decoration

Interior painting, tiling and wallpapering, including all any other other cosmetic applications.



Plants are planted through coconut-fiber in soil held in place by geo-web. Grass can be laid over top and held in place by bio-degradable spikes.

Project completed!WEEK 12


Your Compass Green Home is completed and you are ready to move in!


that provides a revolutionary new way to live in total integration with nature, reducing your carbon footprint by providing savings up to 80% on yearly heating and cooling costs compared to regular housing.