A large percentage or our lives are spent inside our home. Our health, well-being and performance are directly affected by the conditions and quality of life provided by our dwelling. Our prefabricated modular housing system combines modern manufacturing methods and advanced water, air and lightning technologies with local, renewable materials and age-old methods of building with earth to create a better and more holistic way of living. The resulting are uniquely beautiful homes that blend into its surroundings, and feature ample energy-efficient interior spaces with natural curved shapes, and large windows that provide a natural, bright atmosphere. The resulting homes are beautiful, durable structures that offer a very innovative and elegant way to create a more natural oasis.


All parts are built with the same advanced technologies traditionally used in the aerospace and automotive industries. The components are made in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers) composites which offer a myriad of advantages that include:

  • Durability and corrosion Resistance – Composites are resistant to corrosion and damage from the weather, stand up to wide changes in temperature and have a very long life.
  • Design Flexibility – Parts can be easily molded into complicated shapes providing the ability to create almost any shape or form.
  • High Strength – Panels can be designed to be far stronger than aluminum or steel.
  • Energy efficient – Composites panels with their low thermal conductivity are very good insulators and do not easily conduct heat or cold, which makes the construction very energy efficient.


GMH’s modular building system provides infinite design possibilities for spaces. The panels assemble into a variety of configurations ranging from studio (300 sq ft) units to 4 bedrooms+ (3000 sq ft). The designs can be customized depending on the unique needs and wants of each client. The modularity of the system also applies to the implementation of smart heating and cooling systems, power systems, advanced lighting, and room connections.