internal spaces feature

Advanced Technologies

Our technological elements enhance air, water, safety, and even the materials of the finishes to provide and unparalleled natural environment.

Water filtration systems to remove chemicals and heavy metals thoughout the unit and reverse osmosis system in kitchen faucet.

that brings old world charm and a sense of history beneath your feet, with environment friendly coatings.

throughout all areas of the home technology for increased energy efficiency and savings.

with carbon monoxide detection, humidity monitoring and emergency lighting.


The design elements of our interior spaces are planned for efficiency and modeled to invoke an enhanced quality of life.

Through to its dome-shape Compass Green homes circulates air internally by convection keeping a very balanced temperature, saving substantially on HVAC costs.

with dual layers of glass; the outer diminishes overheat on hot days and the inner diminishes heat loss on cold days, thus saving energy

that brings old world charm and a sense of history beneath your feet, with environment friendly coatings, large and bright spaces, warm interior materials, clean lines and organic proportions.

External features

Natural Surroundings

The units are covered by lush green vegetation while all the the functional underpinnings of the home are safely guarded in an invisible crawlspace.

that reduces house exterior areas directly exposed to the environment, to lessen heat?transfer coefficient to interior walls and roof, and minimize thermal bridges.

for thermal energy storage and easy access to water, electrical and HVAC systems.

on the sides of the structure which are then covered entirely with lush vegetation to recreate the ancestral connection to nature provided by living in close relationship with it.

through an ecological approach of positive impact on the environment of the entire life cycle of the unit.

Modular & Streamlined construction

The structure is completely modular allowing for a myriad of personalized layouts which can be assembled quicker and more effective than any other method of traditional construction.

allows personalized layouts, future expansion of the construction, and reduces debris generated at the construction site by 60% when compared to traditional construction.

with perforated components that screw and seal together, and anchored to a foundation for streamlined construction time. Components with composite ducts, channels for electrical wiring and water pipes, and mechanical ventilation ducts are then added wherever its necessary.

modules are sized and packaged to fit into one or two shipping containers to make worldwide transport possible.

Additional Available Options


Learn more about our cutting-edge modular earth-bermed homes that provide a revolutionary new way to live in total integration with nature.