At Compass Green we have put together a team of American architects and engineers that are using the amazing technology of Green Magic Homes and our own in-house developments to create some beautiful and sophisticated models with natural, bright atmospheres that fulfill all the unique requirements of traditional north american living.

Upcoming models include:

  • Studios, one, two, three and four bedroom, and commercial units.
  • Larger bathroom options to fit North American fixtures.
  • New layup materials for even greater resistance and compliance with US construction codes.
  • New Window configurations compliant with standard sizes offered by US manufacturers.
  • New berming materials and specifications relevant to the 11 North American weather zones.
  • New HVAC specifications compliant with units sold domestically.
  • New insulation materials¬†for even greater energy efficiency.
  • A percentage of the components is now manufactured using Bio Based environmentally friendly (Soy) resins.
  • Integration with smart technologies.

Our new configurations also include advanced water, air and lightning technologies, energy efficient technologies, and make extensive use of local, renewable materials.